A collection of the questions that people ask us most often

1. Why the name Caronte?

Our Caronte does not ferry you to the underworld of the Divine Comedy, but rather his objective is navigating the stormy seas and reaching safe shores for those who rely on him.
The name derives from the largest satellite of the dwarf planet Pluto. This is because we were inspired by the latest planet downgraded to a nano planet, but with a fundamental role for the universe, capable of wrapping it in a protective embrace, that is precisely the idea we had of protection.
The satellites orbit is the reference planet and protects it from the dangers of space, such as asteroids and stellar debris. In this case, the customer is our planet.
Caronte seemed to us the ideal reference for a law firm; then we added Consultancy to make it clear how much we had turned towards interdisciplinary consultancy, which is the future compared to just simple litigation.

2. Why is the logo like this? And the colour?

The logo has at its centre the C of Caronte and Consultancy, in addition to the fact that it represents the idea of the universe and an embrace open to welcoming new ideas. The colours are inspired by positivity, trust and stability.

3. Why are there such different figures in the Caronte team and not just legal ones?

We are a boutique studio ready to “face the legal market for what it will be, not as it has always been” (from Richard Susskind, Tomorrow’s lawyers).
To provide valid, well thought out advice, we realized that lawyers needed interdisciplinarity and a scientific-cognitive approaches.
Therefore, our core business is the identification, management and satisfaction of our customers’ needs, always starting from a legal basis and supported by other professionals.

4. How long has Caronte been on the market?

In 2016 Manuela Viscardi, a lawyer, together and with the support of a scientific training advisor, decided to set out on this adventure and from there the foundations for the activity were laid. Since then, Caronte has grown both in the number of professionals within it, and in the number of consultations successfully completed.

5. But what is a consultation?

Offering a consultation means using our skills, knowledge, and experience to solve a problem,to provide an opinion on how to act in the way that leads to a positive result, avoiding the losses caused by not considering the risks. It means pointing towards the most appropriate path to take after the analysis of the data, situations, people, contexts and probable future scenarios. It means drawing up a project that will be carried out together with the customer based on what they set out to do. We at Caronte do this, and, in addition, we combine training courses to fill the gaps, together with information courses to be more and more performing and prepared in the world of work.

6. What tools does Caronte use to help customers?

We start from the psychological tests that are provided by our professional referent, regularly enrolled in the Register, as well as the instrumentation provided by external laboratories that proves necessary according to the customer's requirements.

7. Why does the company need advice on the organizational well-being?

A company that chooses consultancy in the field of organizational welfare is synonymous with attention to its employees, with the desire to lead to greater profitability, efficiency ans economy, but without losing sight of the human consideration of people. Because a company that has satisfied employees makes more money and will live longer.

8. What are Caronte's next projects?

This is a "spoiler alert" question. We can only tell you that we have several ideas and projects we are working on, with more extensive collaborations and the desire to make our services increasingly complete and competitive, obviously with an eye to scientific and technological issues.