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Bridges to Solutions

Caronte is an international and innovative law firm, providing consultancy, formation activity and informative courses. We help individuals and enterprises with our transversal and interdisciplinary competencies, responding to the exigencies arising from the processes of technologization, in order to improve the wellbeing for organizations and individual, starting from solving the legal problems related to labour and civil law. We even created a global network of young and independent lawyers, so that our clients can count on a local professional wherever they are.

What we do

Our work is presented through consulting services, formation activities and information courses, always maintaining a customer-driven approach.

Our interdisciplinary team keeps you, the client, at the center, analyzing the context and dynamics where you operate. Through the provided data, keeping client’s exigencies and desires, we define together which are the realizable and measurable goals.

Our Goals


Legal Problem Solving unit
We deal with problem solving and elimination through the use of law, technology and cognitive science for both Individuals and Companies


Business Problem Solving unit
In response to process technologization, we help clients develop their business by orienting it to technology and managing the change that comes with it


Organizational well-being development
By achieving organizational well-being and health of the people involved, we improve the customer’s performances


Satellite offices




Attention to the client

How we work

How we work: The Need

The Need

  • Legal protection in an uncertain and variable world.
  • A clear and concrete plan to develop the business network of contacts is needed in a global and increasingly technological landscape.
  • An increase in personal and organizational well-being necessary, especially when facing new situations and high pressure
How we work: The Solution

The Solution

We tailor our solutions to you, evaluating individual details under different interdisciplinary perspectives.

We adopt an analytical, strategic and operational methodology in order to build the framework towards real solutions to your personal and professional needs.

We walk with you each step of the way.

Nothing is left to chance

Neurosciences and technologization

Neurosciences and technologization

Through the study and analysis of different scientific, cognitive, sociological and environmental parameters, one has the opportunity to understand the future actions and reactions of people. That’s why it’s important to act both on the individual and on the organizational system, answering to the complex technologies.

Neurosciences and technologization

We offer the highest quality and the creation of innovative technical competences with the help of the appropriate soft skills and always visualising the objectives.
We apply our approach using tools and concepts based on blockchain, aiming at guaranteeing more security to our client. We are hence constantly informed on changes and ready to be part of them with you.