Services for Individuals

Most studios limit themselves to just doing what is required, without offering a personalized and interdisciplinary service. We have chosen to create specific packages for your individual needs, protecting your interests by combining our three areas of intervention.

Closing & (Re)Starting
  • Legal advice and assistance for the start and/or conclusion of the employment or collaboration relationship;
  • Consultancy on the presentation of your Curriculum and LinkedIn profile;
  • A course to improve soft skills or emotional intelligence and, if appropriate, a psychological consultation

What do you get?

  • The legal solution for any problems arising from the previous employment;

  • The certainty that the new agreement is well done and ready to take you forward into your new business adventure;

  • New skills to perform better;

  • The revision of your Curriculum in order to make it more visible and incisive.

We will follow you step by step as you leave the past behind and concentrate in the search for a new job, guiding you to the area that will give you the most satisfaction.
For this reason we will take care of the problems you had with your previous employer and of the analysis of the payroll, we will make sure to manage relationships also before the competent Authorities to obtain what you are entitled to.

We will help you to start looking for a new job, we will help you to bring out your strengths and to develop the skills that make a difference today, as well as checking your new contract.

  • Legal advice and assistance for the analysis of contractual clauses, payroll control, recovery of any amounts due to you and compensation for damages arising during the relationship;
  • A course of your choice between effective communication, work stress, soft skills and, if appropriate, a psychological consultation.

What do you get?

  • The solution to work-related problems;

  • Respect of your rights and the legal protection you are looking for;

  • New skills to manage your working life.

We assist you with all issues concerning the evaluation of your contract, disciplinary proceedings, mobbing damage, work-related stress, illness and accidents at work, maternity leave, holidays and permits, request for bonuses and fringe benefits, recovery of salary and social security contributions, layoff procedures, performance of higher duties or demotion, discrimination in the workplace, and the protection of one's creations.

All this accompanied by a course of your choice or a consultation that allows you to find the balance you need.

Data protection & Privacy
  • Legal advice and assistance to make your data secure and protect you against cybercrimes
  • A course on the management and communication of your social media profiles

What do you get?

  • The tools of protection and intervention to exercise your rights

  • Awareness and knowledge of the effects of online publications

We will help you protect your sensitive and personal data by proceeding with the competent Authorities so that you can recover what has been taken away from you or spread without your permission, while also requesting compensation for damages.

You will learn how to better manage your information with a greater awareness of the context in which you operate and navigate


Caronte has also activated the Academy service, with information and training courses that can be tailor-made for you, courses that can take place remotely, in the classroom or outdoors. In the meantime, take a look at some of our courses:

  • Effective communication

  • Soft Skills as the new hardcore

  • How to manage a business meeting with different personalities

  • Technostress and work-related stress

  • Remote working: legal and communicative aspects

  • Creative process and copyright

  • Brief introduction to the rights and obligations of the GDPR