Services for Companies

Most studios limit themselves to simply doing what is required, without offering a personalized and interdisciplinary service. We have chosen to create specific packages for every customer's needs to protect their interests by combining our three areas of intervention.

  • Legal advice and assistance for the preparation of the necessary documentation to start-up the company;
  • Preparation of contract models for suppliers and/or customers;
  • Basic course of negotiation and effective communication.

What do you get?

  • The foundation for an optimal start with the documents suitable to your business;

  • New skills and awareness to face the business world.

We help you to bring your business idea to life, understanding its vision, mission, and values.
Together we evaluate which is the best legal form for your company, while, at the same time, providing valid support to start developing your company and manage change processes profitably.

Where necessary, we are available to provide you with a service for the preparation of your business plan and participation in tenders and funding, through a professional referent.

HR Management
  • Legal advice and assistance on how to select the right human resources for your business project;
  • Layout of employment contracts and appropriate clauses;
  • Analysis of the business context and the relational dynamics;
  • A course of your choice chosen among soft skills, negation or cognitive bias.

What do you get?

  • Immediate legal protection, eliminating potential risks for the future;

  • Enhancement of social and communication skills for more effective and productive interaction;

  • Avoiding wasting time and money, without the need to look for different professionals elsewhere.

We know managing people is not easy at all!
Therefore, we start from an analysis of your company and its internal relations.
In this way we can intervene to safeguard your business, managing the relationship between and with your employees.
We take care of reviewing contracts, roles and job descriptions and we can help you with disciplinary procedures and dismissals, individual or collective.
Your company will receive the necessary training to learn how to manage its resources, with a human and, at the same time, scientific approach.

HR Selection
  • Legal advice and assistance on how to select the right human resources for your business project;
  • Drafting of the employment contract and of the most appropriate clauses;
  • A course to choose between soft skills, negotiation, or cognitive bias

What do you get??

  • Immediate legal protection with the elimination of potential risks for the future

  • Enhancement of social and communication skills, for a more effective and productive interaction

  • Avoiding wasting time and money, without having to look for different professionals elsewhere.

We understand the corporate culture of your company, integrating it with the resources you need.

We intervene in the selection of the most suitable candidates for your team, giving you the necessary tools to choose them and accompanying you during their placement in the company.

We also offer specific assessments, using psycho-attitudinal methods that allow us to outline a personal and interpersonal picture, so that the individual can express himself at his/her best.

Privacy & Digital Communication
  • Legal advice and assistance for the protection of internal data or that of your customers
  • Drafting of the corporate social media policy
  • A course of your choice among change management, digital communication or remote controlling

What do you get?

  • The right protection for the data and documents that are processed in the company, to avoid economic sanctions and negative consequences on the reputation of the brand

  • UA set of rules on how to manage digital communication and the possibility of simplifying concepts through legal design, avoiding improper use of social media

  • A course that helps to understand the legal and cognitive mechanisms underlying the digital evolution of the company

After carrying out a risks analysis, we draw up the forms necessary to comply with current legislation and, if necessary, we will direct you to our designated Data Protection Officer.

In addition, we will help you in the search of and correct participation in tenders and funding suitable for your business.

The package considers the social activity of your company and your employees, helping the relationship between the two with the aid of intuitive graphics and explanations (legal design).

Finally, we assist you in the creation of documentation and regulations that prevent negative episodes in the digital field, providing a clear and up to date picture.


Caronte has also activated the Academy service, with information and training courses that can be tailor-made for you and your team, courses that can take place remotely, in the classroom or outdoors.
In the meantime, take a look at some of our courses:

  • Technostress and work-related stress

  • Effective communication in credit recovery

  • Active listening

  • Creative process and protection of inventions

  • Remote working: legal and communicative aspects

  • Legal profiles of neuromarketing

  • Company heuristics: cognitive shortcuts to profitability

  • Soft Skills as the new hardcore

  • Asset and personnel management

  • How to manage a business meeting with different personalities

  • Emotions, needs and feelings from a legal, economic, and scientific point of view

  • Nudge, the so-called gentle push, in the company

  • Neuromanagement and the different intelligences