Service packages for companies

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Starting pack

Starting pack

  • Counselling and legal assistance for the preparation of the legal documentation necessary to start your business;
  • Drafting of model contracts for suppliers and customers;
  • Basic course on negotiation and effective communication or on the strategies to avoid mistake

What does it offer?

  • The basis to start optimally with suitable documents without the risk of making mistakes;
  • new skills and awareness to run your business better

We will help you to bring your business idea to life, understanding its vision, mission and its values in order to give you the possibility to focus on it. At the same time, we will evaluate together what is the best legal form with a risk assessment approach. In addition, we will give you a specific course to start developing your business and managing the processes of change profitably. If necessary, a service is available for the drafting of a business plan and for the participation in tenders and financing, through a professional reference.

Management pack

HR Management Pack

  • Counselling and legal assistance for the solution of problems concerning human resources management;
  • Analysis of context and dynamics;
  • A training course of your choice on one of the following themes: leadership, effective communication, corporate heuristics.

What does it offer?

  • A deep and complete knowledge of internal bonds in order to proceed smoothly;
  • The correct strategy for change management, avoiding economic losses and optimizing the outcome of the assets;
  • Skills and awareness to improve human relations

We know that managing people is difficult: for this reason we start with an analysis of the whole company and a study of the internal relations. In this way we can intervene to safeguard the activity and to manage the relations, by both a business reorganization, which includes the revision of the contracts, the roles and the activities, and within disciplinary procedures and dismissals, individual and collective. Simultaneously, the company receives the necessary training to learn how to manage its resources with a human and, at the same time, scientific approach.

Selection pack

HR Selection Pack

  • Counselling and legal assistance on how to select the human resources suitable for your project and path of insertion
  • Drafting of the employment contract with a focus on the more appropriate clauses
  • A training course of your choice on one of the following themes: soft skills, negotiation or cognitive biases

What does it offer?

  • Present legal protection, removing potential risks for the future;
  • Strengthening of social and communicative skills in order to have a more effective and productive interaction;
  • Avoid wasting of time and money with the assistance of various experts, taking advantage of a single intervention with our team.

We understand the corporate culture of your business, integrating it with the new assets that you need. We intervene in the selection of the most suitable candidates for your team, giving you the necessary tools in order to choose them and to assisting you during their insertion in the company. Additionally, we offer you specific evaluations, based on psycho-aptitudes methods which we allow to outline a personal and interpersonal framework so that the individual asset is able to express himself at his best.