We Build Future, together

About Us

Caronte Law is made of passionate professionals in the field of human resources and law, ready to support you in every way as we do not consider you just as a client or a "case".

That's why Caronte Law was conceived with a more human approach, active listening, and support.

We are Entrepreneurs

Our key-concept is that we know what it means to be “at one's wits ends", the difficulties you have to overcome while building your dreams, all the "No" you may encounter. We also know what it means to deal with negative people at work or having problems at home, while you must worry about the future, yours and of the people you love as well.

We are Legal Supporters

For all your uncertain decisions, we will help you with our advice and analysis. However, as your trusting legal partner our goal is to create, from the most complicated problem of yours the simplest solution that will drive you into the success.

Apart from labor law, our legal team is competent in the field of corporate, real estate, data privacy, tax, criminal and family law; ready to assist you in 10 different international offices all around the world.

We are HR Specialists

Our aim is to be beside you, especially when you go through that tough decision of growing or shrinking your team. We have experienced the legal and financial consequences labor-based decision in enterprises throughout our professional lives. So, with our neuroscientific method of selection, we will decrease the possibility of bad hiring in your company to almost zero.

We also analyze your team, your company culture and the relationships between people to give you the right team building or training activity in order to reach success in higher levels.

Why choose us?

The Need

Clear pricing

Before starting, we know you need pragmatism

The Need

24/7 availability

Whenever you need, wherever you are

The Need

Apps that you love

We communicate with you using the same tools

The Need

Real people

We stand by you when life gets rough

The Need

Tailor-made services

Any solution is designed to fit your needs

The Need

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Time is the most precious asset and reaching your goals is our priority

The Need

Deep understanding

Our first step to help you, is to listen

The Need

Multiple international locations

With our 10 international offices, we also speak your language